I Told You This Was A Bad Idea

The Terminal seems to be frustrated with you, but you don't remember a thing.

Despite the Terminal's limited ability to understand you, you must attempt to ask the right questions in an effort to find out about your history together.


Created for NaNoTwiMo and TEXT jams. 

The theme was 'write what you know', which is sort of what you need to do to progress in the game. Sort of.

This is a bit experimental, so I'd love any feedback! In particular, let me know if there are any phrases you feel should be recognised, but aren't. I'll add any phrases suggested in the comments, no matter how ridiculous! (... Except if they're offensive or something.)

Special Commands: 

  • Type 'return to start' anywhere to restart the game.
  • If you get stuck in the main sequence (when the Terminal is asking what you want to know), type 'tell me something' to get some hints!
  • Type 'content warning' in the main sequence for content warnings (spoilers!).
  • Type 'main sequence' to jump to the main sequence, and 'end sequence' to skip to the end.


Thanks to HiEv for the neat terminal style, and helping with formatting the text box.


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noooo i got so attached :o aside from that, very cool concept! i really enjoyed it :

(1 edit)

theres only three endings i know.

1:the plan, go through with the plan and follow the ai's orders

2:reluctant, refuse to go along with the plan until he forces you to

3:early execution, whether through a fragment of memory or time travel, put in the code early

are there any other endings? and is there a way to find out your name?

edit, found out the fourth ending:by saying yes to certain questions the ai says you can get him to tell you about the red box containing him.

Me after the end


I love this game and i feel really bad about the endings, i will never end to playit untill i have my nicer ending


thank you for making me nostalgic about the days when I was working and chatting with my AI buddy that never even happened 


This game was pretty fun. It wasn't to difficult to figure out the story and if you weren't sure what to type out next the terminal hinted at what to ask. Surprisingly, a little sad considering it's all text based. Very surprised and enjoyed playing it! Check out my video of it below:

Thanks for sharing, watching your playthrough has given me some ideas for tweaks to make when I update the game! (For starters, I need to have the ending screen displayed for longer-- oops!) Thanks as well for your feedback, and glad you enjoyed the game. :)


catch me cryin over this robot for the next week

very good game!!


this is why I shouldn't get attached to things ;-;


no, terminal

I love this concept! The commands were all pretty intuitive. Is there more than one ending?

(1 edit) (+1)

Thanks, glad you liked it! There are multiple endings, but they're not greatly different from one another-- it depends on when (or if) you decide to enter the code. Maybe I'll add to it if I get the chance, though!

Very interesting, text based adventures can be really fun or really boring. I think there's a good balance to keep text walls to a minimum here. With some playtesting there could be a bit more support for non-direct responses. Good job to make someone care about the AI support and personal history with it.
(Only one playthrough, probably with bad ending)